UPI's COMPETITIVE Karting Team Won Several General Champion Categories in the 2020 Eshark Rok Cup (ERC) Gokart Race

12 November, 2020

The Karting Team for the Student Activity Unit of the Automotive Technology Enthusiast Community (UKM KOMPETITIVE), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which most of its members are students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education and the Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK) again made achievements at the national level in the kart racing event Eshark Rok Cup (ERC) 2020 at Sentul International Karting Circuit, Bogor (4-6 / 9/20). ERC is an annual Gokart racing competition organized by the Central Indonesian Motor Association. ERC in one year is held in six series, by competing in several competition categories, namely: mini skirt, junior skirt, senior skirt, expert skirt, shifter skirt, 150 National shifter, and student shifters.

The UPI COMPETITIVE Karting Team participates in the ERC event annually in the 150 National and student shifters category. At the 2020 ERC, the UPI COMPETITIVE Karting Team successfully competed with 19 racers from several other universities, namely ITS, UI, ITB, UNPAS, UNTAR, UNTIRTA, and ITENAS. The following are details of the podiums that the UPI Competitive Karting Team won in each competition series:1) Series 1 won the podium 3 national levels for the University Shifter class, 2) Series 2 finish but has not got the podium, 3) Series 3 won podium 3 and podium 5 at the national level for the University Shifter class, 4) Series 4 won podium 4 and podium 5 at the national level for the University Shifter class, 5) Series 5 won national level podium 3 for University Shifter class and national level 4 podium for 150 cc National Shifter class, 6) Series 6 won national level 3 podium for University Shifter class and Champion 4 National Shifter class.

Based on the acquisition of podiums from series one to six, the UPI COMPETITIVE Karting Team managed to collect points = 2749.5 and won several categories of overall winners:

1. Champion 2 for the University Team.

2. Champion 3 in the University Shifter class.

3. Champion 5 national level for National Shifter 150 cc.

At ERC 2020, the UPI COMPETITIVE Karting team fielded three teams which were managed by Ibnu Sina. Following are the personal details of the UPI COMPETITIVE Karting Team who participated in the 2020 ERC:

Team 1 Tony Kart: Gisa Kusdinar Saputra (Racer), Kusyandi, Ikhsan (Mechanic), Rizky Ramadhan (Supporting Team).

Team 2 PDB: Rivan Pamungkas (Racer), Frendy, Galih, Iqbal (Mechanic), Reyhanita (Supproting Team)

GDP Team 3: Khalid Ramadhan R. (Racer), Ilham, Dawam, Ragil (Mechanic), Aulia H. (Supporting Team)