FPTK Prospective Professors Presented the Position Papers Online

21 December, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the presentation of the paper position of the two prospective professors at the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). The presentation is normally conducted at the FPTK Auditorium. However, during this pandemic, it is performed online through the Zoom Meeting application. The two prospective professors who delivered their presentation were Dr H. Danny Meirawan, M.Pd., who presented it on 10 December 2020 and Dr Dedi Rohendi, M.T., who presented it on 17 December 2020. UPI FPTK has nine professors up to now.

The Dean of Prof. Dr Mokh. Syaom Barliana, M.Pd., M.T., in his remarks stated that the presentation of the paper position is one of the requirements for prospective professors. "Professor is an achievement of the institution's reputation as well as a measure of higher education performance. The highest title in a lecturer career is a professor. After becoming a professor, it is hoped that one's contribution will be greater for institutions, nations, and civilizations, "he stated.

Dr H. Danny Meirawan, M.Pd., presented a scientific paper entitled "Management of Engineering & Vocational Teacher Education" in the field of Vocational Education Administration. Dr Danny revealed the opportunities for vocational education in the global era included in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ILO 2015 (increased demand for labour), therefore, needs a quality workforce.

Danny added that there are also challenges such as the GAP needs for Directorate of Partnership and Alignment of Business and Industry (DUDI) and Vocational School graduates which would lead to low vocational workforce absorption so it would have an impact on the high level of Vocational School graduates unemployment.

Dr Dedi Rohendi, M.T. presentation entitled "Research on ICT-Based Mathematics Learning: Its Contribution to Improving the Quality of Prospective Mechanical Engineering Vocational School Teachers". Dedi explained that ICT in education must be fully utilized in the learning process. Dedi added that the use of ICT in learning is expected to further improve the mathematical abilities of students in the future. Previously, in August and November 2020, UPI also officially confirmed two professors from UPI FPTK, namely Prof. Dr Ida Hamidah, M.Sc., and Prof. Dr Ade Gafar Abdulah, M.Sc.