Applying A Good Logistic Industry System and Facing the Challenges of The Future

24 October, 2020

The Logistics Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK UPI) successfully held a second public lecture with Drs. Rahmat Eka, M.M., Senior Consultant for Supply Chain Indonesia (23/1020).

This public lecture was attended by lecturers, students in the Logistics Engineering Study Program, and new students of the UPI FPTK Mechanical Engineering Education Study Program which was held virtually through the Zoom Meeting application.

In its development, the logistics business has experienced various challenges in the industrial world. However, currently the logistics business can adapt and become one of the businesses that is not impacted during a pandemic. Logistics business has great opportunities in the business world with a variety of challenges, changes, and shifts that occur. However, at this time, the logistics business requires logistics efficiency to increase the value of the logistics industry and come from academics. Regarding the application of technology and innovation in the logistics industry, "Rahmat stated.

The theme for this public lecture is "Understanding Logistics Provider Business Environment". The speaker conveyed that one of the challenges is how to implement a good system for warehousing to distribution.

The committee said that this public lecture was held to provide an overview of the logistics industry to students and to collaborate by involving industry, in this case practitioners or experts as sources or learning resources for students of the UPI FPTK Logistics Engineering Study Program.