Lecturers at the Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia give Laboratory Workshop Management Training for Vocational School Teachers in Pandeglang

20 December, 2020

The Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Education's Expertise-Based Community Service Program (PkM KBI), initiated by Iik Nurulpaik, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.AP., held a Laboratory Workshop Management Training for Practical Subject Teachers at the SMK Pandeglang Regency some time ago (5/10/20).

The Team Leader officially opened the implementation of the training program which was conducted virtually through a Zoom meeting application and gave a presentation on improvements to carry out Workshop/Laboratory Management, especially at vocational schools (SMK). As an educational institution, vocational school is required to create prospective skilled and competent workers. Thus, the use of laboratory workshop facilities has an important role in improving student skills. The results of this activity are expected to have an impact on participants which will provide additional knowledge in carrying out workshop or laboratory management on practical subjects at vocational schools, "said Iik.

On the same occasion, one of the members of the PkM KBI team, is also a lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, University of Education of Indonesia (DPTE FPTK UPI), Drs. Wawan Purnama, M.Si explained the importance of revitalizing vocational education as an effort to improve vocational management which can produce graduates who are ready to work and ready to do entrepreneurship. Concerning these conditions, the presentation made to the PkM KBI participants was directed towards developing and aligning curriculum, learning innovation, fulfilling and increasing the professionalism of teachers and students to produce graduates that match the needs of the workforce and the business world.

Another team member, Dr. Hasbullah, M.T. shared related to how to perform Vocational Workshop or Laboratory Management. "The use of workshops or laboratories in vocational high schools must be effective and efficient in increasing the competence of students so teachers of practical subjects are required to improve the quality of graduates with various invocations developed in practical learning," said Hasbullah.