FPTK UPI Continuously Conducts Community Service Activities

24 October, 2020

The Community Service Team (P2M) of the Faculty of Technology and Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) in collaboration with SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur held P2M activities on Wednesday and Friday (21, 23/10/2020). These activities’ theme was  "Evaluation of the Implementation of Teaching Factory Learning Model (TF) -6M and Industry-Based Learning" at SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur.

The opening of P2M activities held in the hall of SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur and was attended by the Head of SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur, Dra. Ida Yuniati Surtika, M.M., Productive and Normative Adaptive Teachers at SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur, as well as the UPI FPTK P2M Team consisting of the Chairperson, Dr. Iwa Kuntadi, M.Pd., members namely Dr. Dedy Suryadi, S.Pd., Dr. Amay Suherman, M.Pd., Dr. H. R. Aam Hamdani, M.T., and M.Pd., Dr. H. Dadang Hidayat, M.Pd.

In her speech, the Principal of SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur, Dra. Ida Yuniati Surtika, M.M., stated that one of the P2M programs was the implementation of the TF-6M Program and Industry-Based Learning at SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur to help foster teachers to make SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur a role model for other vocational schools in the TF-6M field. "Vocational schools without TF-6M is the same as Vocational schools Sastra," she added.

Head of FPTK P2M UPI, Dr. Iwa Kuntadi, M.Pd., in his speech said that the P2M activities is a form of service conducted by FPTK UPI academics to the community which is part of the Tri Dharma PerguruanTinggi. "This community service activity is expected to provide insight into the Teaching Factory Program for each skill competency at SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur," he said.

In addition to providing materials and assistance for strengthening the implementation of the TF-6M Model for each Chair of the Skills Competency in presenting the programs of each department, a Cooperation Agreement was also signed between the FPTK UPI and SMKN 1 Pacet Cianjur in the fields of Education, Research and Community Service. (Contributor: FPTK Public Relations Team)