Prof. Dr Ade Gafar Abdullah, S.Pd., M.Si., Appointed As A Professor

12 November, 2020

UPI Lecturer at the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Prof. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, S.Pd., M.Sc., was inaugurated as a Professor in the field of Energy Computing at the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education on Thursday (12/11) which was conducted at the Achmad Sanusi Building and broadcasted via the Zoom Meeting Application, UPI TV and YouTube channel @TVUPIOFFICIAL. At the inauguration ceremony, Ade delivered a speech entitled “Energy Simulation and Computing: Challenges and Opportunities in Electric Power System Research.”

Since 2010, Prof. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, S.Pd., M.Sc had set his heart to focus on research areas of study that were still very rare in Indonesia, namely research and scientific publications related to the design of energy systems to handle operational problems of generating and distributing electric power through numerical calculations which we have commonly known as computational science.

“Energy is the main driver of the modern economy, said Prof. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah, S.Pd., M.Sc, but has become one of the crucial problems in this century. Population growth and increasing living standards, especially in developing countries, significantly increase energy consumption. The current availability of energy-producing sources (power plants) in Indonesia cannot respond quickly to the needs of energy users, specifically those from the industrial sector. How is it possible that we can enjoy the electric train network that can be available every five minutes if there are still a lot of substations that are melting because of overloading? In essence, if we want rapid industrial growth, then there must be a very reasonable supply of energy.

The winner of the Top 24 best Indonesian researchers from the SINTA database and the Top 10 best Indonesian researchers from the Scopus database from the Ministry of Research and Technology stated that currently, energy computing science is emerging as a new solution for energy system design. This method is used to shorten development time, limit costly testing, understand the working principle of new technology and economical calculations, and also know the failure mechanism. Therefore, energy system modelling and simulation has received significant research attention.

The lecturer at the Department of Electrical Engineering Education, FPTK UPI, who has published161 international publications indexed by the Scopus database or the Web of Science, with an h-index of 8, mentioned that computer-assisted simulation and computation methods are almost necessary for all engineering domains. As an example, in the field of electric power systems. “Conventional computational methods and artificial intelligence are widely used to solve problems ranging from the generation and distribution of electrical energy to the consumer side, "said the husband of Lindawati, S.Pd, M.M., and father of Attala Zaidan Ghaffar and Amala Rumaisya Ghaffar.