P2M DPTE FPTK UPI Team Provides Training on Making Training Modules for Data Communication Systems for Hybrid Laboratory Applications

09 December, 2020

Community Service Team, Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (P2M FPTK UPI) chaired by Prof. Dr. Hj. Budi Mulyanti, M.Sc., with members consisting of Dr. Tuti Suartini, M.Pd., Dandhi Kuswardhana, PhD, Ir. Hj. Arjuni Budi Pantjawati, M.T., and Wawan Purnama, S.Pd., M.Si. as well as experts from the UPI FPTK DPTE, Nurhidayatulloh, S.Pd provided training on Making Data Communication System Training Modules for Hybrid Laboratory Applications to SMK Teachers of the Access Network Engineering Skills Program and Integrated Superior SMK PGII Bandung Multimedia (20/11/20).

The activities are conducted both online using the Zoom Meeting application and offline. The offline activities are conducted by implementing health protocols in efforts to prevent COVID-19, starting from measuring body temperature, washing hands, using masks and face shields, using hand sanitisers, and maintaining social distancing with a limited number of participants. The event was officially opened by the team leader using the Zoom Meeting application which was attended by lecturers of DPTE FPTK UPI and teachers of SMK UT PGII. In his remarks, the team leader revealed that this community service program is one of the obligations of lecturers to contribute to the country. Research and community service are elements of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

"The P2M held in collaboration with the P2M DPTE FPTK UPI team with SMK UT PGII Bandung. This activity conducted because of the limitations of practicum tools in schools and pandemic conditions which are a dilemma for teachers in the learning process, so we present IoT latio module training. This is alternative learning that can be done remotely, "added Budi Mulyanti.

On the same occasion, team members represented by Wawan Purnama, S.Pd, M.Si stated that this P2M activity is an annual activity which is always carried out by a team of lecturers as a form of dedication to the Tridharma of Higher Education. Besides, P2M is also aimed at overcoming problems that exist in society.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, in this case, the teachers, need direction in preparing learning strategies in the new normal era and UPI as an institution that concentrates on education feels the need to play a role in helping educational activists to adapt to this new normal condition,” Budi Mulyanti said.

The training provided to participants is a way of making IoT training modules. The explanation was given by Nurhidayatulloh, S.Pd, starting from the process of preparing hardware, assembling software, making an interface connected to the training module and ending the trial of the training module as a medium to support learning activities at SMK UT PGII Bandung.