Nurhamidah, The Best Delegate Model United Nation Receives Achievement Youth Award from the Regent of Kuningan

03 November, 2020

In the 92nd commemoration of the Youth Pledge Day, the Regent of Kuningan awarded 18 Achievement Youths at the Kuningan Youth Appreciation Night at the Pendopo of the Kuningan Regency Regent's Office with the theme Pemuda Unggul, Kuningan Pinunjul. The Kuningan Regency Head of Youth, sports and tourism services, Toto Toharudin, read the announcement (31/10/2020).

One of the awardees was Nurhamidah, a student of the Family Welfare Education Program of Study from the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI). Nurhamidah received an award as Achieving Youth because of her achievements in both national and international levels. One of them is as the "Best Delegate" in the Model United Nation activities organized by the International Global Network. The United Nation model is a simulation of the United Nations (UN) trial where the discussion covers WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF or several other international organizations that are participated by more than 20 countries.

This award makes all parties proud, including the Kuningan Regent. "There are a lot of things that often make someone feel pessimistic, although pessimism is bad and if it's maintained and it can make us worse and even harder to raise. So, remember to always be optimistic, it's what leads us to things we would like to achieve, "said Nurhamidah.

For the Young Generation of Indonesia, the Youth Pledge Commemoration can foster a sense of hard work, a sense of unity and integrity, a sense of mutual care, sympathy and empathy in building togetherness and unity of an Indonesian nation. "Hopefully this achievement can invite, pass on enthusiasm, share knowledge, and experiences so it can motivate other youths to participate and excel at other opportunities," Nurhamidah concluded.