UPI FPTK Culinary Arts Education Study Program Students Wins Culinary Expo 2020

12 November, 2020

Study, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) managed to become winners. Dini Maharani won the first place and Indah Badriyah won the third place at the Traditional Cake Modification category at the Culinary Expo 2020, on 9 November 2020. Winners are announced virtually through the Zoom Meeting Application. The two students of the Culinary Arts Education managed to get rid of hundreds of other participants.

Culinary Expo 2020 is an annual Culinary Arts event organized by Jakarta State University Culinary Arts Study Program students, which has been held for the fifth time this year. This event aims to hone the abilities of students or students in the field of culinary arts. Culinary Expo 2020 is held online with several competitions and seminars. The theme of this year's Culinary Expo is Productive and Creative Young Millennials. The competition held from 2 October 2020 - 2 November 2020, and the seminar on 9 November 2020. Various competitions include Traditional Cake Modification, Dessert Vlog, and Food Photography. The traditional cake modification competition is a competition where participants can modify traditional cakes into delicious, attractive, and has a selling value cakes.

Dini Maharani serves a traditional cake modification which she named Purple Sweet Potato Layer Cake. In her personal Instagram account @diniculinary, Dini explained that the layer cake is one of the traditional Indonesian cakes with a unique characteristic, namely the shape of a cake that is layered with a simple presentation. Usually, the layer cake consists of two colours derived from pandan leaves extract or food colouring. This time the layer cake was modified with the addition of purple sweet potato to add nutritional value in it and bring out the characteristic natural purple colour. Besides, the layers are made of two textures, namely the white layer using the original recipe for a layer cake with a chewy and soft texture, while the purple layer is a steamed sponge made from rice flour and purple sweet potato with a soft and tender texture. A layer cake is processed using the steaming technique per layer. It is served with sweet potato whip cream, jackfruit, mint leaves and coral tuile to make it looks more attractive and appetizing. The appearance and characteristics of the layer cake become more modern. It is hoped that the community will continue to eat traditional food so its existence is maintained.

On the same occasion, Indah Badriyah served a traditional cake modification which she named the Pandan Layer Awuk-Awuk Cake. In her personal Instagram account @indahbdryh, Indah explains that Awuk-Awuk Cake is a typical Central Javanese food. Awuk-awuk is a traditional Indonesian cake that has a sweet, sticky and slightly savoury taste. This cake is usually available in traditional markets in Yogyakarta and Central Java. Awuk-awuk cakes are generally given a slightly reddish colour on the top of the cake. This cake is made from a dough of glutinous rice flour, grated coconut, and sugar. It is a square-shaped cake. Over time, this traditional steamed cake has become difficult to find.

“I make awuk-awuk cake with a different look which I make with a layer of chewy pandan sticky rice and without losing the characteristic of awuk-awuk cake. I make this dish with brown sugar as a sauce and added a crumble sagon. This pandan layer awuk-awuk cake is made so people can see that this old traditional cake can be enjoyed with a more beautiful appearance and is liked by many people. She also shares the Awuk-awuk pandan layer cake recipe. In participating in this competition I received guidance from the Culinary Arts Education lecturer, namely Dr. Hj. Ai Nurhayati M.Si,” said Indah.

(Documentation is taken from the respective Instagram)