Dyla Aliffah Safitri Receives the Kuningan Regent Outstanding Youth Award

03 November, 2020

Dyla Aliffah Safitri, student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) born in Kuningan, 13 January 2001, is a student who likes writing scientific works. This can be seen from the several competitions she has participated in. One of her works is the UPI Al-Furqon National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN) which was held on July 8-30 2020 where she won the first place in the event.

The first child of two siblings became one of 18 Achieving Youths who received an award by the Kuningan Regional Government due to her works in cultivating scientific writing. In the commemoration of the 92nd National Youth Pledge Day in 2020, the Regional Government of Kuningan Regency held an Awarding Night for Youth Achievement at the Kuningan Regency Level at the Pendopo of the Regional Secretariat of Kuningan Regency, Saturday (31/10/20).

“Alhamdulillah, I can be part of the 18 outstanding youths, I thank Allah SWT, my parents, family, lecturers, and friends who have supported me. A child from a small village who finally can survive in a big city and thrive as it is today. Of course, this award is not only for me alone but for everyone who has always supported me from zero. I failed, tried again, and finally become a champion” said Dyla.

"No one can predict someone’s life journey. Success does not come from where we are from, either we are from a village or a city we are the same. The most important thing is how we try to get the best results," concluded Dyla.