FPTK UPI Wins Competition at UPI's 66th Anniversary Event

20 October, 2020

To commemorate UPI's 66th Anniversary, the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held several competitions, including a website contest, an infographic competition and a karaoke competition.

The website of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) managed by the Public Relations Team.  The FPTK UPI Website won 2nd place in the Website Contest for the Faculty/Campus Region/ Postgraduate Website Category.

The winner's announcement was officially announced in the Ahmad Sanusi Building room at the final event of UPI's 66th Anniversary, Tuesday (20/10).

FPTK UPI also won 2nd place in the Infographic Competition, while the contents delivered were information about the Work Unit related to public information. This competition was organized by the Integrated Service Unit of the University of Education of Indonesia to celebrate UPI's 66th Anniversary. The competition’s theme is to Achieve & Innovate during the pandemic. The judging takes into account the content and originality, the suitability of the theme, and the content of the infographic.

Besides, FPTK UPI also won 1st place in the men's pop karaoke competition sung by the Lecturer of the Department of Electrical Engineering Education FPTK UPI, Wawan Purnama, S.Pd., MSi.

Dean of UPI FPTK, Prof. Dr. Mokhamad Syaom Barliana, M.Pd., M.T., congratulated and thanked winners.

On the same occasion, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, FPTK UPI, Dr. Ana, S.Pd., M.Pd., congratulated the team for their hard work. For this achievement, the Head of the UPI FPTK Administration, H. Yuda Sukmawan, S.Sos., M.Pd., expressed his gratitude to the Infographic Team and the FPTK Website Team because they won the 2nd place. "Congratulations to the team that has worked hard, hopefully, it is a blessing, "he said.