UPI FPTK P2M Team Provides Training to Youth of Tegalluar Village

12 November, 2020

Community Service Team of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (P2M FPTK UPI) consisting of Dr. H. R. Aam Hamdani, M.T., Dr. Bambang Darmawan, M.M., Dr. Sudjani, M.Pd., and Asep Hadian Sasmita, S.Pd., M.Pd., implemented the P2M Program with the theme "Empowering the Role of Youth Organization in Tegalluar Village, Bandung Regency in the Harum Citarum Program through processing plastic waste using Appropriate Technology", which was held in Sapan Village, Tegalluar Village, Bandung Regency. The activity was attended by 13 participants from the Youth Organization from 23-29 October 2020.

Everyone dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the youth in Tegalluar Village, Bandung Regency. Many young and old employees who have been laid off due to the pandemic and think about ways to survive. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) with its identity as a tower of water, must be able to bring freshness to the public's doubts in today's conditions.

Chairman of P2M, Dr. H. R. Aam Hamdani, M.T., stated that the basic idea of ​​implementing this service is that Sapan Village, Tegalluar Village, is passed by the Cikeruh river. In the rainy season, flood often happens and after the flood recedes, various kinds of waste including bottles or cups of mineral water will be scattered around. Another reason for carrying out this community service activity is to support the realization of the Citarum Harum program.

"The material provided includes insight into environmental control, entrepreneurial insight with resources around the environment, and insight into the use of appropriate technology using plastic chopping machines and follow-up plans as well as an explanation of the added value if plastic waste processing is conducted in groups so the youth entrepreneurial motivation of the youth organization shows good sustainability, "said Aam.

In the P2M activity, the handover of a set of plastic chopping machines with a power of 30 PK and a daily production capacity of up to 100 kg. The handover of this machine was witnessed by the Secretary of the Village Consultative Body (BPD) Tegalluar Village, Mr Haris Gozali and all members of the P2M team.

One of the participants, Anton Putra, welcomed this activity to build the entrepreneurial skills among the youth of Sapan Village. He hopes that the youth's willingness to collect plastic waste to be processed together with the youth organization will produce sufficient added value for life.