UPI FPTK PKM Team: Skill Development of Cihideung Villagers through Training to Make Aromatherapy Candles and Solid Soap from Rose and Chrysanthemum Waste

07 November, 2020

The Community Service Team (PKM) of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) held an empowerment activity for Women Empowerment of Family Welfare in Cihideung Village through Candle and Soap Making Training entitled Utilization of Rose Flower and Chrysanthemum Essential Oils through the Maceration Method as Material for Making Solid Soap and Aromatherapy Candles in the Empowerment of Family Welfare Group and the Ornamental Flower Farmer Group, Cihideung Village, West Bandung Regency.” The training was conducted from July to November 2020 in two stages  (August and October 2020). This activity aims to produce aromatherapy candles and solid soaps. The community service team (PKM) consisting of Siti Mujdalipah, S.TP., M.Sc., as the Chief Executive and members consisting of Lucy Yosita, S.T., M.T., Mardiani, S.Pd., M.Eng and Yan Nurcahya, S.Pd.

The PKM chairman revealed that this activity was carried out by considering COVID-19 pandemic. There are many economic problems in the community, including in ornamental plant-producing areas such as Cihideung Village, Bandung Regency. The phenomenon of simplified or even postponed wedding receptions reduced events at hotels, and reduced tourist visits have resulted in a reduced turnover for purchasing ornamental plants in Cihideung Village.  Besides its function as a tourist village, innovations are always needed to increase product variants produced in this Cihideung Village.

"Previously, the Cihideung Village Family Welfare Development (PKK) women already had productivity by making snacks such as peanut brittle and herbal packaged drinks, but innovations are always needed to make this Tourism Village continues and survives during a pandemic situation and also after the COVID-19 pandemic, "said Siti.

The maceration process is the process of extracting simplicia using a solvent with several shaking or stirring at room temperature. The maceration method is used to look for simplicia that contain chemical components that are easily soluble in the solvent, do not contain benzoin, lime and wax.

The principle of maceration occurs because the search for active substances is carried out by immersing the simplicia powder in a suitable liquid at room temperature, protected from light. The fluid will enter the cell through the cell wall. The contents of the cell will dissolve because of the difference in concentration between the solution inside the cell and outside the cell. A high concentration solution will be pushed out and replaced by a low concentration of solvent (diffusion process). This event is repeated until there is a balance of concentration between the solution outside the cell and inside the cell.

"The training went smoothly with enthusiasm from the PKK women and the local youth organization. They were given tools and materials so they could immediately innovate after the training. The results were very creative from what was exemplified in the training. The flower wastes which are sometimes abundant are no longer wasted but can be processed into valuable and attractive products for the tourism sector, "concluded Siti.

Empowerment of Family Welfare and Cihideung Village Farmers Group, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency

In her speech, the local village head, Mrs Wiwin Sutarwiniy, welcomed the activity and appreciated the training provided by the team. The activity went well, the residents immediately practised making various candles and soaps independently under their coordination and supervision.