Culinary Arts Education, STP Sahid Jakarta, Culinology Magazine and PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia Holds Food and Health Webinar

24 November, 2020

Culinary Arts Education Program of Study, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI), Sahid Surakarta Tourism College, Culinology Magazine, and PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia held a Food and Health Webinar with the theme Low-Salt Cooking Healthier and Tastier virtually through the Zoom Meeting platform starting at on Thursday (05/11/20).

The event was opened with an opening speech from the Chief Editor of Culinology Magazine who is also the author of a book entitled Nutrition and Health, Hindah Jatiningrum Muaris and remarks from the Dean of the UPI FPTK Prof. Dr. Mokhamad Syaom Barliana, M.Pd., M.T. The keynote speaker for this webinar is Khoirul Anwar, S.Gz., M.Si, Head of the USAHID Jakarta Nutrition Study Program and also a member of the Communication and Education sector of the Indonesian Nutrition and Food Experts Association. On this occasion, the Horeka Dept.'s product knowledge was also given. cooking demo by Chef Agus Imam Santoso from PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia.

In his remarks, the Head of the UPI FPTK Food Management Education Study Program, Dr. Yulia Rahmawati, M.Sc., said that this event was attended by 350 participants. "This webinar event is very impressive and provides a fun learning for students who follow it (joyful learning). This webinar also provides additional insight for participants and FPTK UPI Culinary Arts Education Program of Study students who seem active and enthusiastic about the event," she concluded.