Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

UPI's Department of Architectural Engineering Education Conducts Field Studies in Surabaya, Malang, and Yogyakarta

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 27 Mar 2023

The Department of Architectural Engineering Education carried out Visits and Field Studies (KSL) to Surabaya, Malang, and Yogyakarta which were held from 1 to 6 March 2023. Participants who took part in this activity were students from class 2020 and 2021 with a total of around 200 people along with 10 supervisors. Visits and Field Studies (KSL) are carried out as part of an empirical study of subjects in the field. Around six courses at DPTA whose content is integrated into this KSL activity, these courses are Architectural Design Studio, Housing and Settlements, Widespan Structure, Urbanism, MEP, and Islamic Architecture.

The first day of KSL was opened with a visit to the Surabaya City Square and Hall and a meeting with the Surabaya City Housing Office. Students are guided and given knowledge about the history of the city of Surabaya. The following day, students and supervisors visited the Department of Architecture ITS Surabaya. Visits to ITS are carried out in the context of comparative studies and the initiation of collaboration between institutions. Students gain new knowledge about architectural education at other campuses and exchange insights about education management at each institution. Activities in Surabaya ended with a visit to the Surabaya Nusantara Student Dormitory. The Nusantara Student Dormitory (AMN) Surabaya is the first national student dormitory complex initiated and successfully built by President Joko Widodo. Apart from that, this building is also a masterpiece of modern architecture designed by the well-known international architectural firm SHAU. Therefore, this object is one of the important destinations for students to visit. KSL activities in Surabaya also visited famous objects such as the Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument and the Suramadu Bridge.

In Malang City, students visited the Tiban Mosque in Malang Regency which is famous for its uniqueness. The building of this Pesantren complex was done by the students and was designed without the direction of an architect. For architectural activists, this object is one of the destinations that must be studied. Another important destination in Malang City is the Jodipan Colorful Village which is in the middle of Malang City. This village became famous because the people colored all the village-town buildings with colorful paint. This object is interesting to study because this phenomenon can change the social environment of the community.

In addition to the several main destinations above, field studies are also happening at various interesting objects along the way until returning to Bandung. For architectural academics, the city, the surrounding environment, and all the elements are giant laboratories full of knowledge, so architecture students need to go to the field and experience different spaces very often. This can broaden spatial insights and develop a more comprehensive design paradigm. (Contributor: Yudhistira)