Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Three Community Service Proposals of the Building Engineering Education Program Get a Funding

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 31 Jul 2023

Three Community Service Proposals of the students from the Building Engineering Education Study Program from FPTK UPI successfully passed funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Diktiristek) in 2023. The official letter of the Acting Director of Learning and Student Affairs Ditjendikti Number: 2383/E2/DT.01.00/2023, dated 15 June 2023, about Funding for the Student Creativity Program (PKM) eight fields in 2023, states the passing of the three proposals. PKM-Socio-Humanities Research (PKM-RSH), PKM-Innovative Work (PKM-KI), and PKM-Cipta Karsa (PKM-KC) are the three categories in which these projects fall.

One student team, led by Zenita Sabitri, with members Zahra Ghinaya, Jasmine Al Dhahrani, Hani Rahmiyanti, and Az-Zahra Diva Fauziah, and guided by Lecturer Sri Rahayu, M.Pd., passed the PKM-RSH category with the title Flipbook with Augmented Reality to Improve 4C Skills in the Era of Society 5.0 for Vocational School Students.

Under the supervision of Lecturer Amar Mufhidin, S.Pd., MT., the team chaired by Salma Ayu Rahmanita with members Rizalludin, Tintin Asiyah, and Laelasari carries the title Glow in the Dark Median Frontage and Pedestrian as a Driver's Guide at Night in the PKM-KI category.

In the meantime, in the PKM-KC category, the team collaborated with other study programs chaired by Hanifah Indah Rahmawati (Building Engineering Education Study Program) with members Muhamad Yuwana Pramesta and Mutiara Nabila Azmi (Building Engineering Education Study Program), Mochamad Rizal Fauzan (Electrical Engineering Education Study Program), and Eri Ikhsan Saldira (Electrical Engineering Study Program) under the guidance of Sri Rahayu, M.Pd., carries the title Breathe Healthy in Industrial Areas: Innovation of IoT-Based Filtration and Air Quality Control Systems.

Congratulations to the three PKM teams and supervisors from the Building Engineering Education Study Program who are successful in obtaining funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. Hopefully, the teams are given the ease and success in carrying out the planned program, and be able to deliver benefits for all.