The Himagrin broadcasted live at Numpang Nampang in the Radio

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 01 Dec 2021

Himagrin (Agroindustry Student Association) FPTK UPI participated in the live broadcast of 'Numpang Nampang' at the studio of Numpang Nampang RRI PRO 2 96.0 FM Bandung on Monday afternoon, (11/15/21). On this occasion, three student representatives; Ryzki Milennia Caprianti, Silviwanda and Trisya Nur Adzni Destianti answered various questions from RRI broadcasters regarding PHP2D (Holistic Program for Village Development and Empowerment) which they were carrying out in Kampung Pasirhuni.


"Among the three of us, I am the oldest, now I am in the seventh semester, while my two colleagues are still in the fifth semester. Our team consists of 15 people, including Naufal Farhan Muwaffaq, Muhamad Teguh Aprizal, Tania Oktapriyani, and Dyera Syaufina. The rest are juniors (semester 5), namely: Najib Tuisina Naenum, Febi Nurhanifah, Nadia Trianisawati, Sarah Amelia Nur Wahidah Al Falah, Alvin Fajar Iqbal Faturohman, Chintya Nur Faridah, Ryandika Trahna Fadilla and Rifai Sodikin, with our supervisor, Mrs. Shinta Maharani'', Ryzki said in Numpang Nampang which was also broadcast live via https://radioonline.co.id/pro-2-rri-96-0-fm-bandung/dan%20instagram.


The team stated that PHP2D is a program from the Ministry of Education and Culture through community empowerment activities conducted by students through the Student Activity Unit (UKM) and/or the Student Executive Board. PHP2D aims to foster a sense of caring for students and contribute to rural communities to build fostered villages that are active, independent, entrepreneurial, and prosperous. This program is also a type of competitive grant, that BEM Himagrin has gone through a fairly rigorous gradual selection process, competing with SMEs and BEM throughout Indonesia.


In addition, before submitting a proposal, the team must survey to analyse the needs of the village community until the team submits a PHP2D proposal entitled Community Empowerment of Pasirhuni Village in the Utilization of Processed Coffee Production. The team hopes that besides the contribution and the improvement and empowerment of rural communities, they can also apply the concept of sustainable food processing (which they have acquired during college) through the use of coffee processing 


"We are delighted to contribute to the village community through this PHP2D program and it is a very valuable experience, especially when the SME drivers in Pasirhuni, Karang Taruna enthusiastically welcome and increase their understanding of coffee processing production. On this occasion, we would also like to express our gratitude to our fellow students, the lecturers of the UPI Agro-industrial Technology Education Study Program for their extraordinary support, the leadership of the FPTK, and the Ditmawa UPI. For those who are interested in coffee produced by the Pasirhuni community, you can visit Instagram lalakon.coffee", Ryzki, Silvi, Trisya closed the live broadcast of Numpang Nampang RRI PRO 2 96.0 FM Bandung which lasted for one hour.