Study Program of PTOIR FPTK UPI Organize Public Lecture on Entrepreneurship

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 16 Nov 2021

The Industrial Automation and Robotics Engineering Education Study Program, FPTK UPI, organize a public lecture on Entrepreneurship 2021, on Wednesday 10 November 2021 with the zoom meeting application. The programme of the Entrepreneurship Public Lecture has theme "Building a Technology-Based Start-Up Business" with the main speaker Nawolo Tris Sampurno, Consultant & Business Advisor, Hospital Senior Advisor, Book Author and also an Alumni of DPTE FPTK UPI.

The implementation of the general lecture this time is still the same as the previous one, which is still carried out online because it is still in a state of the covid-19 pandemic and the City of Bandung is still PPKM level 2. However, it does not become an obstacle in the implementation of entrepreneurship public lectures which carry a unique and interesting theme so that attended by many participants from various circles. The committee noted that more than 200 participants were registered online, those who registered were generally students, but there were also teachers/lecturers, doctors and business practitioners and the general public.

The general entrepreneurship lecture was attended and opened directly through the zoom meeting application by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, FPTK UPI, Dr. Dedi Rohendi M.T, and was also attended by the Head of the PTOIR FPTK UPI Study Program. Dr. Hasbullah, S.Pd, M.T and several lecturers of PTOIR FPTK UPI.

Meanwhile, in the introduction to the general lecture, the Head of the PTOIR FPTK UPI Study Program, Dr. Hasbullah, S.Pd MT, expressed his gratitude to the organizing committee for successfully organize the public lecture, because apart from that, the theme raised was quite interesting. It was also able to present a resource person who was familiar in the world of entrepreneurship, namely Nawolo Tris Sampurno. In addition, the participants who attended exceeded the specified quota which means that the spirit of creating and developing entrepreneurship (especially start-up businesses) has indeed become a current trend, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this public lecture activity can be a momentum for students to create start-ups. A new start-up that will enliven the world of start-up businesses that have developed and dominate the online business world in Indonesia such as Buklapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, RuangGuru, Dana, Gofood and many others.

The public lecture was officially opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, FPTK UPI. In his speech, Dr. Dedi Rohendi, MT, congratulates and welcomes the activities organized by the PTOIR Study Program because this public lecture has an interesting theme in the millennial era (building a technology-based start-up business). In addition, it also has a very important role in developing students' ability to create and develop entrepreneurship from an early age. He conveyed and advised, many programs at the Ministry and Universities that carry the theme of entrepreneurship, such as the Entrepreneurial Student Program, Entrepreneurship PKM, Entrepreneurial Ambassadors and many others. In line with the program, it is hoped that from this activity new and young entrepreneurs from universities will emerge who can make a real contribution to national development.

Meanwhile, as the main event of this activity is the delivery of General Lecture material delivered by Nawolo Tris Sampurno or more familiarly called Pak Naw. The event itself was moderated by Resa Pramudita, MT (PTOIR FPTK UPI Lecturer). In his presentation, many speakers highlighted the development of the business world, especially this technology-based start-up business. According to sources, Start-up Business is a term that refers to a business or start-up company. Start-up companies are companies that have just started operating and still in the development phase to find markets and develop products. He highlighted that there are 3 things that experience a shift in business, namely the way of thinking, the way of doing business and the way of working. Therefore, we need to update each of these shifts so that the business we do is not abandoned by many people. In addition, the resource persons conveyed the business framework in the digital era, such as in terms of content, publication design, publication channels, publications and events carried out. Mr. Naw stated "The acceleration that can be done in the digital business is through exploration, operation and expansion, if that has been done, then it is very likely that the business we are doing will grow and be able to compete with conventional businesses."

After the speakers conveyed their main ideas, discussions and questions and answers were held from participants who were so enthusiastic about asking various things including the development of the business world, the world of marketing or how to find ideas and start a technology-based start-up business that is currently a trend. At the end of the event, the committee distributed door prizes in the form of 10 open pieces of Pak Naw's works which were given free of charge to participants who gave the best questions and also participants who managed to correctly answer several questions from the speakers. This public lecture activity was closed with a prayer reading and a group photo with all participants of the online public lecture.