Mustika Obtained a Ph.D with the Honorary Student Predicate

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 01 Sep 2021

Mustika Nuramalia Handayani received her PhD after successfully defending her dissertation entitled "Infusion of Green Skills into Agricultural Product Processing Curriculum at Vocational High Schools" in the doctoral promotion at the School of Postgraduate UPI which was held virtually on Friday, 27 August 2021.

Mustika stated that the research was motivated by the need to develop green skills in vocational high school students to support the green economy transition to implement the sustainable development goals as UNESCO priorities related to vocational education.

The focus of the research includes six things namely the analysis of the factual conditions of green skills of vocational high school students in Agribusiness Agricultural Product Processing (APHP), the analysis of green skills competencies that need to be developed in students, the curriculum design for agricultural processing production that infuses green skills, the curriculum feasibility, the curriculum design effectiveness, and the curriculum dissemination. The research was Design and Development Research which was designed to develop a curriculum for agricultural product processing production subjects that are infused with green skills through several stages of development.

The results indicated that APHP of the vocational high school students have not shown that they have owned green skills competencies that are following the needs of industry and the workplace. The green skills competencies that need to be developed are having environmental awareness, being able to identify innovative strategies to support green growth, being able to communicate about sustainable food processing, being able to adapt to environmentally friendly work, and being able to manage industrial waste processing agricultural products. The infusion of green skills into the curriculum in this study refers to the infusion model where green skills competencies are embedded into every basic competency that is in the current vocational school curriculum. The curriculum design developed is considered feasible by various experts and can improve students' green skills.

According to the promoter team, Prof. Dr Mohammad Ali, Prof. Dr Dinn Wahyudin, and Prof. Dr Mukhidin, The research shows clear and real experience and practical value, which can also contribute to education in Indonesia. The results of this study can be used as a reference or guideline for every vocational school, especially in the Agribusiness Processing Agricultural Product Skills program to instil the green skills students need to help them at the workplace.

In the doctoral promotion, Mustika, who is registered as a doctoral student in the Curriculum Development Program of Study, achieved Cum Laude graduation or the Honorary Student Predicate. The chairperson, Prof. Dr Ratih Hurriyati, who is also the deputy director of the School of Postgraduate, stated that the predicate was based on consideration of her GPA (3.89), completing the study in eight semesters and having one article published in a reputable international scientific journal. She met all the requirements as written in UPI 2020 guidelines.

The Dean, Dr Iwa Kuntadi, who also attended the session, congratulated Mustika, who is also a lecturer in the Agro-industrial Technology Education Program of Study. At that event, Prof. Dr M. Baiquni and Dr Rudi Susilana as the trial examiner team said that Mustika could continue the research that she had conducted both in the post-doctoral program or other research schemes.