Muhammad Azhar Robbani Wins First Place in 3D Design Competition

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 22 Jul 2021

Muhammad Azhar Robbani, student of the Industrial Automation and Robotics Engineering Education Program of Study, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia won the 3D Design Competition at the "Virtual Workshop & Mini Competition: Getting Started With 3D Printing" hosted by the Electrical Engineering Student Association of Sebelas Maret University on July 3, 2021. The competition, with the theme Getting Started With 3D Printing, invited participants to consider what could be made with a 3D printer; participants were required to create designs that could help others.


Azhar created a 18650 lithium battery charger, which is commonly used as a power source for a robotic circuit, to make robot charging easier. This charger's design can make it easier to charge the robot itself, especially since it is intended for a fast-charging circuit and an efficient design that makes it portable. Azhar won first place in the 3D Design Competition with his concept of a fast-charging 18650 lithium battery charger. Congratulations, Azhar. Hopefully, this provision will be useful in the future. (ROER EKA)