Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Heni Hernawati Wins the Best Undergraduate Degree

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 31 Jul 2023

Heni Hernawati, an outstanding and dedicated student, was named as the Best Graduate at the study program level. It is such a wonderful achievement. Heni's consistent enthusiasm for studying was visible throughout her academic career since she was in elementary school. Her incredible dedication and hard work paid off, as she graduated with honors after only seven semesters of study. Heni attended the Family Welfare Education Studies program, where she focused on family and children. Recognizing the significance of this topic, she expressed her gratitude "I am grateful for the opportunity to study family welfare, which has a significant impact on my personal life and understanding of family dynamics,’ she said during the interview. 

Heni Hernawati's dedication to her studies proven by her ability to get a full government scholarship, demonstrate her dedication and academic prowess. The scholarship frequently comes with high expectations and necessitates that winners maintain a specific level of academic proficiency. It is admirable that she remained focused and serious throughout her undergraduate degree, despite the burden of balancing scholastic responsibilities with other commitments. Heni's perseverance and discipline were crucial to her success. Heni's strong involvement in campus and off-campus activities has made her a difference. Her parents Mr Daen and Mrs. Iyam Lestari are proud of her achievement. Her hard work and dedication earned him third place in Outstanding Student at the faculty level and an astounding fourth place at the university level in 2022.

This accomplishment emphasizes her abilities and elevates her above her peers. It is always motivating to watch youngsters like Heni making a great difference in their schools and communities. Heni follows the notion of making a positive effect through her learning journey, always striving to contribute and serve her surroundings. She is currently working as a laboratory assistant for the Childcare program in Family Welfare Education. She actively contributes to the lab's development.

Heni expressed her appreciation for the lecturers in the study program, who had guided and educated her thus far. Their advice and support have been invaluable in her personal and academic development. Heni is committed to improving and developing herself in the future, to make a useful contribution to the larger community. She can have a long-term impact in her field due to her persistent dedication and exceptional skill.