FPTK UPI Welcome the Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 01 Dec 2021

Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Dr. Iwa Kuntadi, M.Pd., accompanied by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Dedi Rohendi, M.T., Vice Dean for Resources, Finance and General Affairs,Dr. Dedy Suryadi, M.Pd., and Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Ana, M.Pd. on Thursday (11/11/2021) welcomed the Work visit of the Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, M.A.,

accompanied by the Head of Counseling Guidance and Career Development (BKPK) UPI, Dr. Yusi Riksa Yustiana, M.Pd, related to Optimizing Achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 1 and 2.


According to Iwa, this activity is coordinated to optimize the achievement of KPIs 1 and 2. The faculty has designed, targeted in the RENSTRA, and is looking for activities to meet KPI.


Grants play a critical role in achieving IKU, particularly in the MBKM program, as demonstrated by the Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka (PKKM)  of  Architecture Program of Study which requires students to be involved off campus, another example is the matching fund program Students do internships in the industry; this is a good way for them to meet KPIs and become productive members; they can work according to their expertise, and they gain experience outside of the classroom. This is a good step that has been taken by BKPK. Iwa hopes that the expected KPI can be achieved. "Hopefully we can achieve 100% by the end of the year," said Iwa.


The event was attended by vice deans, heads of programs of study, and student representatives by enforcing strict Health Protocols, while Heads of Departments/Department Secretaries and students participated online via the Zoom Meeting application.