FPTK UPI Dean Opens MOKAKU 2021

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 01 Sep 2021

Dr. Iwa Kuntadi, M.Pd., the dean of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI)  opened the Campus Orientation and General Lecture (MOKA-KU) for more than 1000 new students. This year's MOKAKU theme was ``New students, new passion, the passion of achievement" (Mahasiswa baru, semangat baru, semangat berprestasi). The event was hosted by Dra. Elly Lasmanawati W, M.Si and Asep Maosul, M.Pd., and held virtually through Zoom (27/08/21).

In his speech, the dean proudly and gladly welcomed the new students. The dean also introduced the vice deans, the Heads/Secretaries of the Departments, the Heads of all programs of Study, the Head of Administration, and other heads in FPTK.
On this occasion, the dean encouraged new students to adapt to the academic culture, especially at FPTK UPI and reminded them to study hard and become the best version of themselves.
The Dean highlighted Industry 4.0 and invited students to be responsive in dealing with it, one of which was to focus on using the proper technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency in life. The ability to reason and be creative is essential for success in dealing with today's major challenges, including Industry 4.0.

The Dean also spoke about the previous batches' achievements, both internationally and nationally. The seniors will ultimately graduate and the continuation of their accomplishments will be given to the current new students. "The opportunity is now on the new students, lecturer guidance and student collaboration will be the key to getting and continuing this tradition of achievement," said the Dean.
"Learning at the UPI FPTK is something to be grateful for because currently UPI FPTK is ranked 251-300 in education. This opportunity should not be wasted, and can be utilized as well as possible," added the Dean.
The Dean ended his speech by saying motivational words for the new students: “Good luck to FPTK students! Long live FPTK! Technical Engineering! Technical Engineering! One FPTK!”