Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Fashion Design Education Program of Study Successfully Holds Alumni Gathering Through Online Seminars

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 13 Oct 2020

The Fashion Design Education Program of Study, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPTK UPI) held an alumni gathering through an online seminar on Saturday (10/10/20). Following the mission of the UPI FPTK Fashion Design Education Program of Study which is to provide education within the scope of dressmaking to prepare professional educators who are globally competitive, this online alumni gathering is held in the framework of a tracer study. Tracer study is a study to trace the graduates. One of the goals of holding this activity is to gather an alumni database to build a collaborative network with alumni. The completeness of the alumni database is also used as an added value in the accreditation of the Fashion Design Education Study Program.

The tracer study seminar was held through Zoom Meeting and live streaming via the YouTube channel of the Fashion Design Education Program of Study. This was conducted as an effort to prevent COVID-19 transmission. The event entitled “Increasing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in fashion through gathering and alumni collaboration with the Fashion Design Education Study Program starts from 09.00 A.M to 11.30 A.M. The activity was begun with remarks from the Head of the Fashion Design Education Program of Study, Dr. Winwin Wiana, M.Ds, followed by remarks from the Head of the Family Welfare Education Department, Dr. Hj. Sri Subekti, M.Pd.

“I hope that this gathering will initiate other gatherings in the future, hopefully, today's gathering will enhance cooperation from the business or education sector. God willing, in the future we will often do this gathering to maintain the existence of unity for our good. We, the Fashion Design Education Program of Study, are preparing to apply for international accreditation. We are aware that it is not easy, we have fears and worries, but we have faith that Allah will help our endeavours, and it can be realized, one of them is through prayer. I believe in prayer of many people will be the best way for the Fashion Design Education Program of Study. I encourage the alumni for their utmost prayer to support us to achieve this accreditation, "said Winwin.

On the same occasion the Head of the Family Welfare Education Department, Dr. Hj. Sri Subekti, M.Pd., expressed her gratitude to the alumni who have contributed in activities to fill internal and international activities. I appreciate the alumni who attend this time, so the study program can quickly get the results of this tracer study, "concluded Sri.

134 people participated in this online seminar. This form also serves as a questionnaire to collect the alumni database. The speakers presented at this online seminar were two alumni who have been successful in their respective fields. Asri Andarini, S. Pd., M.Pd. and Mila Karmila, S. Pd. M.Ds. are the moderator.

The seminar was filled with presentations delivered by the first resource person, namely Zyta Delia Rahmah, S.Pd, an alumni of class 2010 who have expertise as Fashion Illustration, Trend Forecasting, Textile Design, and Entrepreneurship. Zyta is a Designer, Creative Director, and owner of Zyta Delia. The second speaker, Denta Wira, S.Pd, alumni of class 1996, is an external examiner for the Vocational Skills Competency Test (UKK) since 2010, as well as a jury for Student Worksheet (LKS) in the field of Fashion Technology. Denta is the owner of Denta'Studio Mode in Bogor.

One of the highlight of the event most awaited by the participants is the distribution of door prizes from sponsor Zyta Delia. Door prizes are given to participants who give the best questions through YouTube streaming, Zoom meetings and posting documentation that has the most likes and comments on Instagram. Besides, participants get an e-certificate for free by filling out an attendance form then the e-certificate will be sent via email to the participants.

This activity was established in collaboration with the Fashion Association Alumni Association, chaired by the alumni of the 1990 FPTK UPI Fashion Design Education Study Program, namely Dr. Cucu Sutianah, M.Pd, who is currently a Lecturer at Siliwangi University whose members come from various generations. This event aims to provide motivation, experience, knowledge, to the participants which hopefully inspire the participants, especially students of Fashion Design, and also become a forum for collaboration between Alumni and study programs.