Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Amalina Zyamziah Ghani Becomes the Best Graduate

By: Yuyun Rohayati on 31 Jul 2023

Everyone wishes to continue their education. However, not everyone has the opportunity to continue their studies for a variety of reasons, one of which is financial. Amalina Zyamziah Ghani (22), also known as Alin, is one of the many students who are fortunate enough to be able to continue their studies with government funding through the Bidikmisi program. Mrs. Haryani's daughter and the late Mr. Sumardiyono completed her studies in 3.5 years with a GPA of 3.98 and got the Cum Laude predicate. Alin succeeded in presenting her best results as an undergraduate student, especially to her parents, family, Culinary Education Study Program, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, and UPI, by winning the title of Best Graduate Level S1 at the University of Indonesia Education at Graduation Period II 2023 (22/06/23).

Alin decided to actively participate in campus activities as a sign of gratitude to the government and the university after enrolling in the Culinary Education Study Program at FPTK UPI via the SNMPTN route as a Bidikmisi recipient. Alin accomplished her dream by joining the UPI Bidikmisi Bidikmisi Forum (LBM UPI), which has now been renamed the UPI Smart Indonesia Circle (Lintar UPI).

The forum's mission is to support Bidikmisi and KIP-K recipient students within the UPI environment, where the UPI Lintar will assist in the distribution of information, the development of interests and talents, and the series of filing processes for prospective UPI KIP-K beneficiaries. Alin's involvement in the forum can be seen through her history of positions, which includes being a staff member in the Arts and Sports sector at the Department of Interest and Talent Development (Peter) (2020-2021), Chair of the Enchantment Department (2021-2022), Chair of the Bidikmisi Student Gathering and KIP-K UPI XI (2021), and Chair of the Enchantment Department's Board of Trustees (2022-2023).

Alin stated that, aside from being involved in groups, she never missed her assignments. The large number of practicum and non-practicum assignments, as well as other tasks in the organization, can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, in Culinary Education, the practicum that is carried out is cooking, where the process begins with making plans, planning consultations, shopping for materials, and doing a practicum. It is a long process that also takes a lot of time, not to mention having to consider food security, which materials can be spent on.

"However, if we use a priority scale, we can complete all assignments without forgetting any of them." "Creating a timeline with various deadlines, both for study and organizational assignments, will greatly assist us in determining which tasks must be completed first," Alin noted.

"A principle that Alin always upholds is maximizing as much as we can every time, we do something, because maximum effort has a greater chance of bringing us to satisfying results, but results are still inseparable from His will, so do not forget to always pray," Alin concluded.