Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Culinary Arts Education

By: Yadi Setiadi on 10 Feb 2020


Becoming a leading, outstanding, respected, dignified, and innovative program of study in Culinary Arts Education in Indonesia by 2015 and in ASEAN by 2025.


  1. Organizing education in Culinary Arts Education to prepare professional educators who can compete locally, nationally, and globally in formal and non-formal educational institutions.
  2. Conducting professional research in Culinary Arts Education as an effort to strengthen the discipline of Culinary Arts Education.
  3. Organizing professional community service services in Culinary Arts Education.
  4. Taking an active role as a centre for information and dissemination in Culinary Education.
  5. Cooperating in efforts to develop knowledge in Culinary Arts Education..      
Accreditation: A Download Filed SK Accreditation

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