Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Architecture Postgraduate

By: Yadi Setiadi on 09 Apr 2020


Becoming outstanding in the development of architectural science with a sustainable architectural character that adopts local wisdom and is accepted by the international community.


a. Improving the professionalism and accountability of education administration and management

The Architecture Postgraduate is responsible for increasing the professionalism, capability and capacity of human resources and institutions that are capable of conducting educational management, which can be accounted for both externally and internally following national education standards.

 b. Developing innovative and applicable architectural science based on needs in the field

Educational services in the Architecture Postgraduate are focused on policies aimed at accelerating the improvement of the quality of education to face global competition based on knowledge-based research and innovative studies supported by the development of collaborative networks with associations, centres of expertise in the field of architecture at home and abroad.

 c. Conducting community service professionally to participate in solving social problems in society through education.

Implementing the Higher Education Tridharma, which can encourage and facilitate the advancement of the academic community's knowledge in society to solve social problems related to architecture in society.

d. Conducting research to develop architectural education scholarship.

The implementation of the Higher Education Tridharma requires the Architecture Postgraduate to always encourage and facilitate the academic community to carry out scientific research to produce innovations in the field of architecture and to be able to publish the results of research widely in the media, including journals, at national and international standards.

e. Developing scientific cooperation at the national and international levels to support the development of the Higher Education Tridharma.

Accreditation: Good Download Filed SK Accreditation

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