Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education


By: Yadi Setiadi on 18 Feb 2021

The ease of information at this time can be said as a way to openness of science and technology. With this convenience, knowledge can be spread and accepted by all circles, especially among academics and practitioners who are struggling in their fields. In sharing and utilizing scientific information, especially in the field of civil engineering, KOKOH Civil Journal is here to join together to explore and develop the creativity of this challenging scientific discipline. This initial publication, it is realized that there are still many shortcomings and imperfections, however, the motivation to develop and progress will always grow solidly. For this reason, we try to present several articles both from the results of research and studies in the field of civil engineering in general, written by several lecturers in the UPI FPTK Civil Engineering Study Program. To make the KOKOH Civil Journal more lively and sustainable and to be published on time, the editorial team expects the participation of readers to include scientific writings, both research results and studies in the field of civil engineering. We will welcome any constructive criticism and suggestions from readers and observers in the field of civil engineering. Although there are still many shortcomings in this initial issue, hopefully the next publication will be even better.

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