Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education


By: Yadi Setiadi on 18 Feb 2021

The Journal of Nutrition and Culinary Education Media (JMPGK) is a six-month journal that contains texts in the fields of education, nutrition and culinary. The scope of the JMPGK is in the form of research results and analytical-critical studies in the fields of Education, Nutrition, and Culinary. Posting of articles in this journal is addressed to the editor's office. Detailed information for article loading and article writing instructions is provided in each issue. Articles that are submitted will go through a selection process for bestari partners or editors. This journal is published regularly twice a year, namely April and November.

Learn more at https://ejournal.upi.edu/index.php/Boga#:~:text=Jurnal%20Media%20Pendidikan%20Gizi%20dan,Pendidikan%2C%20Gizi%2C%20dan%20Kuliner