Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Fesyen Perspektif

By: Yadi Setiadi on 18 Feb 2021

Fesyen Perspektif is a journal managed by the Fashion Design Education study program, as a place to accommodate various scientific works of students and teachers in the Department of Fashion Design Education Department PKK FPTK UPI. Published twice a year in April and October, contains writings based on research results, conceptual ideas, theoretical applications and critical analytical studies in the field of fashion (fashion, fashion making, fashion design, textiles, textile crafts, and make-up). Fashion Perspective presents the results of studies that prove that fashion as the main need of humans experiences development and change. The tendency to change includes various aspects that surround human life. Fashion actors, especially academics in the fashion sector, pay attention by examining the creativity, functional and aesthetic aspects of fashion

Learn more at https://ejournal.upi.edu/index.php/fesyen