Mechanical Engineering Education

By: Yadi Setiadi on 10 Feb 2020


Becoming a leading and outstanding department in the field of mechanical engineering education by 2015 in Indonesia and by 2025 ASEAN.


  1. Organizing mechanical engineering education programs to prepare professional educators capable of competing locally, nationally and globally in formal and non-formal educational institutions (industrial courses and training institutions).
  2. Conducting professional research in mechanical engineering education to strengthen the disciplines of mechanical engineering education.
  3. Organizing professional community service services in mechanical engineering education.
  4. Organizing a mechanical engineering teacher professional education program (PPG) to produce national-level professional teachers.

The Program of Study of Mechanical Engineering Education is a higher education that is expected to establish a leading position and to become a pioneer in renewal and reference in the discipline of mechanical engineering education that creates teachers particularly in Production Engineering and Design Education, Automotive Engineering Education, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering Education that can contribute to the development of the nation. The Program of Study of Mechanical Engineering Education always adheres to the values ??of faith and devotion; ultimate truth and universal truth, scientific, freedom of speech, and academic freedom, justice, democracy, human rights, obeying the law, respecting diversity and partnership, educational, and religious.


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