Civil Engineering Education

By: Yadi Setiadi on 05 Feb 2020


Becoming a leading and outstanding department in Building Engineering and Civil Engineering Education.


  1. Organizing educational programs that create a bachelor of education in Building Engineering and Bachelor of Civil Engineering (applied sciences), which can empower themselves professionally, independently and able to compete globally.
  2. Conducting educational and scientific development in civil engineering, as well as research and resource development to sustainably address national development, provide professional community services to participate in various social challenges, both locally and regionally, in education and civil engineering   .


  1. Creating graduates who believe in and devote themselves to God the Almighty, who have the characteristics of good citizenship and who are open-minded, creative, professional and confident in carrying out their duties;
  2. Creating graduates with personal, social, pedagogical and professional competencies.
  3. Creating graduates who are responsive and able to adapt to the development of science and technology and who can communicate and can carry out scientific activities;
  4. Creating graduates who are professional and pay attention to the values ??and ethical principles in Building Engineering and Civil Engineering education;
  5. Establishing, developing, and disseminating science and technology in Building Engineering and Civil Engineering to improve people's welfare


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