Embracing Digital : From Survival to Thriving ini Post COVID-19 World


It is an activity organized by IEEE UPI SB assisted by FPTK UPI, presenting speakers from 5 asian countries and 1 american country


An international webinar activity with the theme "Embracing digital: from survival to thriving in the post COVID-19 World".

  • Day/Date : Sunday, 5th March 2023
  • Time : 07.30 – 11.40 GMT + 7
  • Place : Blended (Offline and Online)
  • Speakers : FPTK UPI outstanding students and cross-country speakers





Keynote Speaker


This activity will be held in a blended system, offline and online.


  • Smartclass room FPTK UPI 4th floor


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an international organization of electrical and electronics engineers around the world. IEEE is also a non-profit professional organization consisting of experts in the field of Engineering who have the task of promoting the development of standards and as a party that accelerates new technologies in the aspect of industry and engineering, which includes telecommunications, computer networks, electricity, space, and electronics. IEEE has more than 415,000 individual members spread across more than 160 countries, has regions at the continental level, and section levels in various countries, to have student branches at the level of campus, which is in charge of making publications against technical standards and holding various activities and conferences. The condition of Covid-19 until post-pandemic makes all people have new habits, from life, and socio-culture, to lectures. Making lectures online, life is limited and new problems rise in each country. There must be many changes in the world of lectures that should be face-to-face/lectures in person, for practicums that should be carried out in person, making it all online with Certainly the limitations that exist. Thus encourages the IEEE Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Student Branch, assisted by the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education UPI, to create an international webinar with a sharing season, by presenting speakers from each campus from several countries in the IEEE UPI SB International Webinar 2.3. With this international webinar, the book of isa knows the conditions of learning and lectures in various countries.


This activity is limited for 300 participants. Registration can be accessed at the following link.


The following are activities that have been carried out by IEEE UPI SB. This activities was held during the Covid-19 period. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is not an obstacle for IEEE UPI SB to continue to be productive in carrying out activities. This condition is a challenge for IEEE UPI SB to adapt to new habits by utilizing existing technology.

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